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Welcome to the website homepage of Trojan Rottweilers (we are Permanently Registered with the Canadian Kennel Club), and our much loved family of Rottweilers.  We are located in the beautiful Fraser Valley of British Columbia, which is just 45 minutes outside the city of Vancouver, and within very close driving distance to the US border, and the Abbotsford Airport.



We are Code Of Ethics Rottweiler breeders.  Our own breeding dogs are health tested above and beyond what is suggested by the Canine Health Information Centre guidelines for the Rottweiler Breed.  We test and reveal all results for the following; hips, elbows, dentition, patellas, and heart (results are listed with OFA), eyes with CERF and/or OFA, CHIC DNA, DNA Long Coat Gene testing and DNA testing for DM and JLPP.   I am a member in good standing with the following clubs, some of which where I hold/have held various Board/Executive positions; the West Coast Landesgruppe, The Rottweiler Health Foundation, the Dog Legislation Council of Canada, the Rottweiler Club of Canada, and the Canadian Kennel Club, and long time past members of the American Rottweiler Club, the Colonial Rottweiler Club, The Medallion Rottweiler Club, and the Columbia River Rottweiler Club.


I actively participate in CKC, AKC and Sieger shows, and other venues, with our own dogs, and with our client dogs (Click here to see our Handling Information).  Our dogs are owner handled and trained to their titles, from the wins at class level, all the way to the Best In Show level.   Our dogs are our pets first and foremost.  Our dogs are raised and live in our home with us, as a part of our family. Our dogs do not live in kennels, or in a 'facility'.  We believe a Rottweiler thrives on human companionship, and in return, we have the love and devotion of a beloved companion for many, wonderful years.








Rottweiler puppiesWe believe in breeding the all around Rottweiler - Conformation, Intelligence, Health and Temperament and where Quality, not Quantity, is our goal.  A well bred Rottweiler should be a dog that can excel in both the conformation and working venues.  Be it in Schutzhund, Obedience, Therapy Work, Agility, to name a few, and last, but certainly not least, to be your companion to spend your time with.  It is our goal to have each and every one of our beloved dogs and puppies placed in a loving and caring home, for their entire lives, them a show dog, or TV watching companion.  We raise and feed our dogs on a revised, natural raw diet (raw meat and bones, fish, fruit and vegetables, eggs, yogurt, vitamins, etc., and a premium kibble), which we believe to give our dogs and puppies an added advantage to life, with better nutrition from fresh, natural foods, as compared to a diet based solely upon overly processed, low grade dry dog food.  


Our dogs' pedigrees include the best German and American bloodlines, with some of the top producing and winning dogs ever for both conformation and working. We believe a strong pedigree builds the foundation for our future and that a dog should be sound in both mind and body.  Please read more About Us and Why A Trojan Rottweiler Puppy? here.


We have had the joy of owning this wonderful, versatile breed for over 38 years now.  Over these years, we have spent a lot of time doing heartbreaking, but rewarding, Rescue work.  It was with our rescue work that we encountered many dogs with severe health and temperament problems, bred by uncaring and/or unknowing Back Yard Breeders (BYB) and Puppy Mills.  Though we are not as active in fostering dogs as we once were, we almost always have a list of rescue dogs available.  Please visit our Dogs Needing Homes page for a list of dogs.


Our dogs have been used in movies, TV series and commericals, and even on a deck of playing cards, along with being drawn by many world renowned canine artists.  We believe that when owning a Rottweiler, one must showcase their dog in a positive light, and to educate others about proper Rottweiler ownership and  BSL (Breed Specific Legislation).


Trojan Rottweilers - Rottweiler breeders and Rottweiler puppies    Rottweiler puppies

We would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our home on the Internet.  After having read through our website, please feel free to email us, if you have any questions regarding our dogs, or in regards to an Upcoming Breeding we may have planned.      

Trojan Rottweilers - Rottweiler breeder and Rottweiler puppies

trō'jən - "...Of courageous determination or energy.  One who shows the pluck, endurance,

     determined energy, or the like, attributed to the defenders of Troy."


Trojan Rottweilers  (Perm. Reg'd.)

Permanently Registered with the Canadian Kennel Club

Rottweiler Club of Canada Gold Breeders

Code of Ethics Rottweiler Breeder




Please be considerate, and aware of the time zone you are in, and the time zone we are in,

and call only between 10 AM and 8 PM Pacific time (Los Angeles/Seattle/Vancouver time)


The current time here is;


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Phone:  (604) 820-2655 - call only between 10 AM and 8 PM Pacific time

We return all long distance calls.







PLEASE NOTE:   We do not sell guard dogs nor personal protection dogs.   Pricing information is not given out via email.  Due to time constraints and the very large amount of enquiries we receive daily via email, detailed information is preferred to be given over a phone call. Puppies will never be placed when all communication is done via email. We must either meet you in person, and/or have at least one lengthy phone conversation with you, before approving and placing one of our puppies with you. We reserve the right, at any time, to refuse anyone one of our puppies, for any reason. 





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