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If it were a televsion or a car you were buying, what would you be looking for?

You would be looking at the maker, knowing that some brands are better than others, would you not? You would ask yourself "What reputation does that maker have? Are they a proven quality product? What is their warranty?"

Why would a buyer expect to pay the same for a Russian Roulette puppy with no history, bred by people who have no vested interest in the parents and no health certifications and no guarantee!

Prices of well bred puppies from ethical and reputable breeders can range from $1500 to well over $5000 (even badly bred puppies from 'flashy' website breeders go for more!). Most superior breeders make substantial investments in their dogs through training, competition, health care, genetic screening and just general every day care. Therefore, most breeders struggle to try and break even and the prices of the puppies do not represent any where near what is invested in them. In general you are getting what you pay for, and that puppy that seems priced too good to be true, probably is. Why do people expect to get a Mercedes at Pinto prices?

Our dogs and puppies are raised on a as close to natural diet as we can offer. This includes human quality meats (chicken, beef, turkey, fish, etc.), with fresh fruits and vegetables, along with home made yogurt, fresh eggs and so on. We also add human grade supplements - Vitamin C, Salmon Oil (Omega 3, 6 and 9), fresh ground flax seed, and Norwegian Sea Kelp, just to name a few. We believe eating healthy is the foundation of good health and fitness. If you have seen one of our dogs, you can atest to their healthy well being - shiney coats, strong and muscular bodies, and their bright eyes.

Our puppies are raised in our home, underfoot, with our family, and not in a kennel environment. We invest a lot of time into the raising of our puppies. For the first 2 weeks, I sleep with the puppies and their mother in our puppy whelping room (my office). This enables me to give support to both the dam and her puppies, if needed. It also allows me to observe the puppies and see how they are interacting with each other, with their mother, how they react to different situations and different stimuli. Daily charts are kept not only for their weights (to insure proper growth), but also for any traits we may see in their personalities. We are very 'hands on' with our puppies, which we believe makes them very outgoing and friendly.

We temperament test our puppies, and do formal evaluations, to help us place our puppies in the appropriate homes. Our puppy placement process is not on a first come, first served basis. We match the puppies to the people, depending upon what they are looking for in a dog, what their goals are for the dog, what their lifestyle is like and what their experience is with the breed.  In this way, it is the 'perfect' match for each person, and puppy.

We strive to breed the Overall Rottweiler - correct structure and type, good health, sound temperament and working ability. Hundreds of hours is put just into the research for each breeding that we do. Many of our breedings are planned years in advance! We do not breed to a dog just because it's local or convenient, nor because it's in our own 'backyard'. Very few people have the perfect dog for their female to be bred to. Location, and cost, is never a consideration when we are looking for a partner for one of our females. We do not breed for the sake of breeding. We ALWAYS do a breeding with the plan of keeping a puppy for ourselves to go forward with.

We believe for one of our dogs to be bred, they must have more then just 'good looks', titles or health clearances. They must be worthy of being bred. We believe they must have something to 'bring to the table' to help enhance the breed. A good breeder should have a breeding program - a set goal that they wish to achieve, and they should be able to tell you exactly why each breeding has been done, and what are the traits they are looking to keep in the resulting puppies, and what they are hoping to improve upon. A good breeder will be a member in good standing with their National Breed Club (in Canada, that is the Rottweiler Club of Canada), which will have a COE (Code of Ethics) that all members must sign and adhere to to be a member. We are Rottweiler Club of Canada GOLD BREEDERS, meaning we adhere to their highest breeding standards (in fact, we go above and beyond these standards).  

A good breeder with also be heavily involved in the breed. They will take part in sanctioned competitions (there are many different venues - conformation (AKC, CKC, Sieger shows), and/or performance events (agility, obedience/rally, tracking, schutzhund, drafting, even therapy work). They will also be members of other clubs, perhaps holding positions on the Board of Directors of such clubs. Ourselves, we are Permanently Registered with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), hold (and have held) various Board positions with the Rottweiler Club of Canada (RCC) – including Secretary, BC Director, COE Chaiperson, Bylaw Chairperson, Club Historian, and we were on the Board and founding members of the West Coast Landesgruppe. A good breeder should also support Rescue, in every way they can. (It is not called "rescue" when a breeder takes back a dog that they bred. ALL breeders should do this, no matter what age of that dog.)

Many people say "I just want a pet. I don't care if the parents are titled". But you should. If a dog has some conformation titles and/or ratings, you know it must conform to the standard somewhat. You also know that dog must have a decent temperament, as it has been touched by complete strangers, been shown and acted accordingly. Titles at the end of a dog's registered name generally means it is a working title, which means the dog holds the intelligence to function and compete, and work with its handler, in that chosen venue.

In regards to Health, our breeding dogs are certified with OFA ( for hips, elbows, and cardiac, and with CERF ( for eyes. All our breeding dogs clearances and registration numbers can be seen and verified with these registering bodies. All our breeding dogs are CHIC numbered ( We spare no expense at having our clearances done by specialists (be it meaning travelling great distances, at great cost). We are lucky to have formed a great working relationship with some of the best specialists in their fields. Having a general vet say 'it looks good' is NOT good enough for us, NOR for our puppy people. We expect the best, as do our puppy people.

Our puppies are ALL registered with the CKC (Canadian Kennel Club – The registration papers are mandatory and not negotiable, and are supplied to the buyer at no extra cost (to charge more for 'papers' is against Canadian Law – governed by Agriculture Canada. It is against the law to sell a dog as 'purebred' but with no papers. If there are no papers, the dog is not purebred).

We believe that breeding a puppy is a lifetime committement. Lifetime breeder support is a given when you leave our home with your new puppy. We can be reached by phone (home, cell - both Canada and the US, and email) to always answer your questions, and provide support. We are accomplished handlers and trainers in various venues, and once a person becomes one of our puppy people, they have our of charge. That is part of buying from a good, reputable and accomplished breeder.

Anyone can call themselves a breeder. It's how they back that up and do it that counts.

Please read more about "How We Place Our Puppies" and "What Our Puppies Go Home With" here;


At Trojan Perm. Reg'd. Rottweilers, we believe in breeding the Overall Rottweiler - Conformation and Type, Intelligence, Temperament and Health.  All of our breeding dogs have been health tested, at a minimum, for hips, elbows, hearts, and eyes (OFA /CERF).


All our puppies and dogs are raised in our home, underfoot with us and all are well socialized with other dogs, cats, adults and children.  All of our puppies are sold with a written contract and with a health guarantee. A puppy is a lifetime commitment, and we want them to be part of your family for their entire lives.  If you think a Rottweiler might be for you, please take the time to read the following information, and then contact us with any questions you may have regarding our puppies and dogs. Pricing information is not given out via email. 


"Buying a puppy is a lifetime commitment, is breeding one."






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