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December 25th, 2008



 M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S !!




December 21st, 2008




November 30th, 2008



November 2nd, 2008


  • Happy 10th Birthday to Diezel!!



October 29th, 2008




October 23rd, 2008




October 2nd, 2008


  • Rio goes Winners Bitch for another point, and now sits at 12 points, with 1 major. 



September 28th, 2008


  • Back out showing again, after earning 8 points novice owner handled, Rio enters the ring with Perry Payson, and earns a 3 point major today (and a RWB to a major yesterday) by going Winners Bitch, and Best of Opposite Sex over a Specials Bitch!



September 21st, 2008




August 11th, 2008


  • Webpages for our "E" litter are now up;  Grizz, Clooney, Clyde, Echo, Kali and Harlow.

  • And new pictures of Cisco, Kai, Dazee, Merlot and Roxy.

  • And we have also been informed, that it looks as though Wolfgang is the first naturally tailed Rottweiler to earn an UKC Championship!  A lot of firsts for this young boy.



July 27th, 2008


  • One weekend....and 2 new Champions!!  Winni attends her very first CKC shows, and comes home a Champion!  Winni`s wins included a Best of Breed from the puppy classes, and a Group 3, and a Best Puppy in Group!  She also is eligible for the Columbia River Rottweiler Club Honor Roll.

  • And Wolfgang is a new Champion, and becomes the first naturally tailed Rottweiler puppy to become a CKC Champion!



July 20th, 2008


  • Winni finishes her UKC Championship with a Group 1st and a Reserve Best In Show!


July 13th, 2008


  • Wolfgang goes V-1 rated, and Best Male Puppy from the 9-12 class at the West Coast Landesgruppe Sieger show #2!

  • Winni is SG-1 rated and Best Female Puppy from the 9-12 class at the West Coast Landesgruppe Sieger show #1!

  • Harlow is multi VP-1 rated from the 3-6 class, and her brother Clooney is VP-2 rated at both shows.

  • Ronin is now multi V-1 rated from the Champion Male class!

  • Full results of the 6th and 7th Annual West Coast Landesgruppe shows are available here.


July 6th, 2008




June 29th, 2008



June 21st, 2008




June 20th, 2008


  • At the Columbia River Rottweiler Club's Specialty shows, Wolfgang goes Best Puppy in both specialties, under Judge Joe Hedl, and Judge Catherine Thompson.  This is a first for a natural tailed puppy.

  • Client dog, Wasko (Multi V-1, Multi Sieger, Multi Youth Sieger, Multi Most Beautiful, Sch I, BH, BBT) goes Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a major under Judge Joe Hedl, along with going RWD to a major under Judge Catherine Thompson.


June 16th, 2008




June 1st, 2008


  • At the Columbia River Rottweiler Club Sieger show, Winni goes VP-1 and Wolfgang goes VP-1 and Best Male Puppy!

  • Dazee is a new Champion at 9 months old!



May 25th, 2008


  • Wolfgang picks up 4 points towards his championship!



May 18th, 2008


  • Ronin picks up another point in the states going WD, BOW and BOS, and Hustle goes WB for another point!


May 13th, 2008




May 11th, 2008


  • Ronin gets another point towards his American Championship!

  • Wolfgang gets his first point towards his Canadian Championship!

  • Iago is a new Canadian Champion!



May 4th, 2008


  • Tosca earns her CD!! Congratulations to Cheryl and Bob.



April 29th, 2008




April 27th, 2008


  • At the Washington Working Rottweilers Sieger show, Wolfgang goes VP-3, Winni goes VP-2, Ronin V-3, and Hustle V-1 and Youth Siegerin!



April 20th, 2008


  • Dazee, at her next show, picks up two Winners Bitch, and two Best of Winners for another 5 points in snowy Edmonton!



April 16th, 2008




April 14th, 2008


  • Dazee, at her very first show, gets 3 points in Battleford, Saskatchewan!



April 6th, 2008




April 3rd, 2008




March 22nd, 2008


  • Happy 11th Birthday to Razor!

  • Ronin goes WD and Best of Winners for another step closer to his American Championship.  

  • Bella found a great new home!



March 16th, 2008



March 5th, 2008


  • Our Dogs Needing A Home page has a new addition.

  • New pictures of Kai and her sire, Iago and Roxy, Dazee and Salem.

  • Client dog, Klio (V rated Klio vom Shipman) picks up 11 points in just one weekend to become a new Canadian Champion!  Congrats to her owner, Kelly!  

  • Roxy passes her Search and Rescue intial testing with flying colours, and is accepted into the training program!


February 10th, 2008



January 24th, 2008




January 22nd, 2008


  • Another great weekend in the States!  Ronin goes WD/BOW for a 4 point major, and also earns his CGC!

  • Our Dogs Needing A Home page has a new addition.


January 13th, 2008


  • What a great weekend in the States!  Ronin goes RWD the first day to a major, and Hustle goes WB for a 3 point major!  The next day, Ronin goes WD/BOW for a 3 point major! 


January 1st, 2008

Happy New Year!


May the New Year bring you much success, happiness, good health,

wealth, and your heart's desires!


  ....From all of us at Trojan Rottweilers, the very best to you in the New Year!







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