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December 31st, 2004





December 26th, 2004




December 24th, 2004



  • And a great Christmas gift for us.....4 new babies!  Cahill x Brie puppies were born today.....2 females, and 2 males.  See details here.

December 22nd, 2004


December 20th, 2004

  • Tony goes Best Puppy at the RCC BC Booster, and for the other 2 days of the all breed show, also.  Ivy goes RWB from the 9-12 class at the Booster!


December 9th, 2004

  • We've added some new pictures of Ivy, Tony, and Rio.


November 24th, 2004


November 21st, 2004

  • Tony goes Best of Breed 2 days, and Best Puppy all 3 days at the Elsie Murray show.


November 18th, 2004


November 2nd, 2004

  • Happy 6th Birthday to Diezel!


October 31st, 2004

  • Happy Halloween!

  • Tony goes Best Puppy at the Peace Arch Working and Herding Specialty, and continues by taking Best Puppy at the LMDF All Breed Show (Canada's largest dog show) all weekend long, and even makes it to the final cut for breed on the last day - all at just 9 months old!


October 19th, 2004

  • New pictures of Tony.


October 17th, 2004

  • Another great weekend for Tony, who went Best Puppy In Group all 3 days, (including Best of Breed all 3 days), 2 Group 4s, a 1st in the 9-12 sweeps class (on his 9 month birthday) and a BEST PUPPY IN SHOW at the Port Alberni shows!!!

  • New picture of Razor.


October 4th, 2004


October 3rd, 2004

  • Another good day!  Brie goes V-1 in the Champion Bitch Class and Razor goes V-2 in the Veteran Male Class at the 2004 West Coast Landesgruppe Sieger show.  Click here for full results of the show. 


October 2nd, 2004

  • What a great day for us!  Tony goes VP-1 and Best Male Puppy, at the West Coast Landesgruppe Sieger show, under Austrian FCI Judge Erich Konigsberger.  His littermate sister, Ivy, goes VP-1 and Best Female Puppy!  Otto goes VP-3 in the 6-9 month male class.  Ego goes V-1 from the 18-24 class!  Axel goes SG-2 in the 18-24 class.  And a Diezel x Konni daughter, BB, goes V-2 in the 12-18 class, with an incredible critique for this incredible girl! (watch for more of her in the future).  


September 26th, 2004

  • Tony had another successful weekend.  He is now a new Canadian Champion, by going WD/BOW/BP and adds another Best Puppy In Group, bringing his total to 4.  And, he wins Best Overall in the Mt. Cheam All Breed Sweepstakes, all from the Junior Puppy Class.


September 20th, 2004

  • Tony comes home only needing 1 more point for his Cdn. Championship, and with a 3rd place in the very large junior puppy class of the annual Peach of the Puppy Tournament, and Otto goes home with his first Winners Dog towards his Cdn. Championship.


September 12th, 2004

  • Tony picks up 4 more points towards his Championship, and gets another Best Puppy in Group (his 3rd, and not even 8 months old).

  • Check out Rio's page!

September 5th, 2004

  • Tony wins his large class (of 10) in Sweeps at the Kamloops and District Kennel Club Show (this is 6 sweepstakes in a row that Tony has been in, and undefeated in his age class).


August 30th, 2004

  • Our vacation brings Tony home as a Multi Best Puppy in Group winner, along with going Best of Breed 3 out of 4 times over a multi-group winning special (one of Canada's top dogs), and he's only 7 months old!  He also won the large, annual conformation match at Cranbrook, won his class and went runner up in Sweeps, and went Best Puppy and RWD in the RCC Booster (along with 2 more RWD).  And Razor, at 7.5 years young, finished his Cdn. Championship (2nd weekend in the ring) by going Best of Breed!


August 15th, 2004

  • Tony does very well at the ARC Region 1 Specialty, and the All Breed Shows.  He wins his class in the Sweeps, and goes second (to his brother, Otto) in the Specialty.  In the All Breed shows, he again wins his class both days.  He also went Best of Breed (over much older competition) in the AKC Sanctioned Match, where he went on to win a Group 1!


August 8th, 2004

  • Tony, at just over 6 months of age, wins the Glacier View Kennel Club's All Breed Puppy Sweepstakes!  And picks up a few RWD over much older American open dogs.


July 27th, 2004

  • We've added 2 dogs that really are in need of a home!  Take a look at our updated Dogs Needing Homes page.


July 26th, 2004

  • Razor, at 7 1/2 years old, takes a stab at the conformation ring, and comes home with 8 CKC points, and a Grp 3 and 4, his first weekend in the ring!  Way to go to the 'old' guy!

  • New pictures of the puppies here!

  • We forgot to mention that Diezel attended his first (and our first) UKC show, and picked up 95 of the required 100 points for his UKC Championship.


July 20th, 2004

  • The West Coast Landesgruppe page is coming together!  Check out the details for our upcoming Sieger show!


July 15th, 2004


July 13th, 2004

  • Moe and Diezel are the proud parents of 5 boys and 2 girls!!  Congrats to the new, happy owners!!  See new pictures of those puppies here!


June 29th, 2004

  • Tony goes VP-1 and Best Male Puppy at the Victoria USRC NW Regional Sieger Show from the 4-6 Puppy Class.

  • Axel goes SG-4 in the 12 to 18 class.

  • Ego is a new Canadian Champion, finishing with WB/BOS/BOW for 2 points!


June 15th, 2004

  • Moe is confirmed pregnant via ultrasound!!


June 5th, 2004

  • Tony earned his HIC today (at 4.5 months old!!) and did very well at the Collie Club of BC Clinic.


May 27th, 2004

  • We've added another dog that is really in need of a home!  Take a look at our updated Dogs Needing Homes page.


May 26th, 2004

  • Congratulations to Diezel's brother, Rio!!  The #1 Obedience Rottweiler in Canada (CKC) and #4 Working Dog for 2003!!!

  • We've added 2 more dogs that really need homes!


May 13th, 2004


May 9th, 2004


April 25th, 2004


April 17th, 2004

  • Tony passes his CERF! (# pending)

  • Ego is OFA Cardiac clear (by Echo-Cardiogram - Colour Doppler Ultrasound) and Eyes Clear (#s pending). 

  • We've added another dog that really needs a home!


April 16th, 2004

  • The Official Final Year Stats are out, and Diezel retired as the #1 Rottweiler (CKC) (for the 2nd year in a row) in Canada!  And, as always, owner-handled.  (see all the stats here; 

  • We are very proud of our boy.  Diezel was #9 All Breed, #2 Breed for 2000, #2 All Breed, #1 Breed for 2001, #1 All Breed, #1 Breed for 2002, and #1 All Breed, #2 Breed for 2003.


April 12th, 2004

  • Diezel gets the Award of Merit at the RCC BC Regional Specialty (Judge Mr James Reynolds), Axel goes Runner-Up in the Yearling Sweeps (Judge Mrs Pat Rennick), Ego goes second in the 12-18 class (Judge Mr James Reynolds), and Razor (first time in the ring) goes 2nd (behind the Specialty Winner) in the Veteran Male class (7-10 years) (Judge Mr James Reynolds).  ~ Congratulations to all the Winners!


April 4th, 2004

  • Ego goes BOB on Friday (okay, so none of the other Rottweilers showed up! haha), but goes RWB on Saturday, and goes WB/BOS/BOW on Sunday for 2 points from the Bred-By class!


March 26th, 2004

  • Only entered one day (the first day back in the ring after having over a 3 month vacation), Diezel goes BOB and Grp 2, and Ego goes WB/BOS to her dad!


March 11th, 2004


March 10th, 2004


March 4th, 2004


February 16th, 2004


February 13th, 2004

  • Ego goes Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, and Best of Breed!


February 10th, 2004

  • Happy 1st birthday to the "A" litter

    • VP-1 Cdn. Ch. Trojan's Amok At Debway HIC

    • VP-1 VSC USRC Best Female Puppy Trojan's All About Me HIC - CKC pointed

    • Trojan's An Heir To The Throne HIC

    • Trojan's A Credit At Cindon

    • Trojan's A Lil Bit Of Oxford

    • Trojan's Already The Best 


February 8th, 2004


February 5th, 2004


February 1st, 2004


January 23rd, 2004

  • Axel is now VP-1 Can. Ch. Trojan's Amok At Debway HIC!  Axel finished his championship today from the puppy classes!


January 18th, 2004

  • They are here!  Welcome to our newest babies...2 boys and 2 girls, born January 16th.  Congratulations to the happy, new owners! (all puppies are spoken for)


January 14th, 2004

  • We've added another dog, from the Maple Ridge SPCA - take a look!  He's very nice and really needs a home!


January 8th, 2004

  • We've added 3 new dogs, from the Vancouver Pound, that really need homes!


January 5th, 2004


January 1st, 2004



Well, another year has come and gone.  And what a great year it was!  We are very proud, and happy, to enjoy and share the accomplishment that our dogs, and that our young puppies achieved over the year.  But most of all, we are proud of our puppy owners, and the love they have for their 'kids'.....this is what is most important.  


Time goes by very fast. This past year has gone by in what seems like only a few months.


Please enjoy your dogs to the fullest.  Our breeds lives are much too short.  Make every moment with them the best that it can be.


May the New Year bring you much success, happiness, good health,

wealth, and your heart's desires!


  ....From all of us at Trojan Rottweilers







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