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December 25th, 2003




December 23rd, 2003

  • Please note:  We have changed servers, and until I have time to update everything, some pages on our site will not upload properly.  It should be fixed within a few days.  Thanks for your patience.  Have a Happy Holidays! 


December 21st, 2003

  • Ego, at her 2nd show, goes WB/BOS the first day (over all the open females), and RWB and Best Puppy the 3rd day.  Axel goes RWD, and Best Puppy 2x, including at the Supported Entry, and Diezel ends his show career going Best of Breed.  Look for Diezel at Specialties and Boosters.  Thanks to everyone ringside supporting their best buddy.

  • We've updated our Dog's Needing Homes Page.


December 13th, 2003

  • Brie is confirmed pregnant via ultrasound!


December 6th, 2003


November 29th, 2003

November 26th, 2003


November 22nd, 2003


November 21st, 2003


November 19th, 2003


November 17th, 2003


November 14th, 2003


November 8th, 2003


October 29th, 2003


October 27th, 2003

  • Diezel goes BOB and Group 3 at Canada's largest dog show, under judge Jane Kay!


October 14th, 2003

  • Diezel picks up another Group 1!


October 6th, 2003

  • We've added a new dog to our Dogs Needing Homes Page!  Please help Jewel find a home!  - She's found a home!  Thanks for all the enquiries!


September 28th, 2003

  • Diezel, only entered one day, goes BOB and Grp 2.  Brie, entered 2 days, goes WB/BOS to finish her Cdn. Championship, and then the next day, moved up as a Special, goes BOB and Grp 4!  Axel goes WD/BOW/BP for 2 days for 4 points (he now sits on 9 points!)  Ego goes WB/BOS for her first point, and RWB 2x and Best Puppy once, her first weekend in the CKC ring.


September 21st, 2003

  • Diezel picks up a Group 3rd, and a Group 1st, and makes the cut in Group the final day (also taking Best of Breed in both of the Supported Entries) at the Mount Cheam Kennel Club shows.  Axel picked up a 2 point win, going WD/BOW/BP at the Skaha Kennel Club show (thanks to Robyn for taking him back in for Breed).  At almost 7 1/2 months old, he's half way to his Championship in 2 shows! 


September 2nd, 2003

  • Diezel picks up a Group 1 and 2 Group 2s!


August 25th, 2003


  • Axel attends his first CKC show (not even 6 1/2 months old), and does very well!  Starting with a Best Puppy in Breed, out of 4 puppies, then on to a Reserve Winners Dog at the Rottweiler Club of Canada's Regional Specialty, and then ends the weekend with Winners Dog/Best of Winners/Best Puppy for 3 points (over American Specials), to his Sire's Best of Breed/Grp 3 win.  Axel also wins his large class in the annual Puppy Fun Match.

  • Diezel also does well, with the only Award of Merit at the Rottweiler Club of Canada Regional Specialty, a BOS, and then a BOB, and Group 3 to end the weekend.


August 12th, 2003


July 27th, 2003

  • Both Axel and Ego went to the Western Oregon Rottweiler Klub's USCR Regional Sieger show and both received VP-1 ratings!


July 5th, 2003


  • Ego goes to the Victoria Schutzhund Club USRC Sanctioning Show and goes Best Female Puppy

  • Diezel picks up a few more group placements - Grp 1, Grp 3 and 2 Gpr 4s.


June 30th, 2003

  • Ego goes to 2 Sanction Matches, and not only goes BOB, she wins the Working Group in each match!


June 8th, 2003


June 6th, 2003

  • We've added another dog go the Dogs Needing Home Page...check out Cowboy!


May 31st, 2003

  • We've added many new pages, and things to our site!

  • Check out our Puppy Page!

  • Check out our:

3 week puppy pics

4 week puppy pics!  

5 week puppy pics!  

6 week puppy pics!  

7 week puppy pics!


May 27th, 2003


May 14th, 2003

  • Check out our LITTERS page!  It's been updated with a very exciting breeding!

  • Coming soon! - Puppy pages!

  • Diezel picks up a few more group placements - a Grp 2, 2 Grp 3s, and a Grp 4.


April 22nd, 2003

  • Diezel goes Best of Breed all 3 days at Renaissance, and picks up 2 Group 3s.  

  • All the puppies have gone to their new homes (congratulations to the new owners!).  We have decided to keep a girl, "Trojan's All About Me".  Look for her webpage coming soon.

  • Check out our LITTERS page for an upcoming breeding between Diezel and an outstanding girl!  Many puppies are already spoken for.

  • And we are very proud to announce that Diezel is officially the #1 Rottweiler in Canada - Breed and All Breed - CKC and RCC)!


February 10th, 2003

  • Brie and Diezel are the proud parents of 7 new babies! (4 girls and 3 boys).  Pictures coming soon!  Thank you everyone for your enquiries, but all puppies are spoken for.  Congratulations to all the new owners!


January 28th, 2003

  • Diezel takes 2 Best of Breeds, and starts the year off with a bang, by taking Group 1 under Judge Joe Tacker (USA).

  • Also, more updates to our Dog's Needing Homes Page


January 20th, 2003


Happy New Year!  We hope you all had a very happy holidays!

  • We have lots going on this year...planning for the big Rottweiler Club of Canada's 2003 National Specialty (mark your calendars! for more info...please check here;'03.html)

  • We have puppies due February 10th (for more info, click here)

  • We have a CGN in the planning for the near future (for more info on the Canine Good Neighbour Program, visit the CKC website at  

  • And we are proud that Diezel aka Multi BIS V-1 '00 ARV Cnd. Nat'l Youth Sieger Am/Can/UCI Int. Ch Roborotts Traders Edge HIC, TT, CGC, RCC Hall of Fame, looks to be in the running for the #1 Rottweiler in Canada for the year 2002!

  • Also, we updated our Dog's Needing Homes Page.  Please take a look if you are looking for a rescue.







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