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Dec 25th, 2002







Dec 14, 2002

  • Diezel goes Best of Breed at the Rottweiler Club of Canada's BC Booster, with the largest entry of Rottweilers in years, under Judge Keke Kahn (USA), and then went on to a Group 3, also with Mrs. Kahn. The next day, Diezel again goes BOB/Grp 3 under Judge Walter Pinsker.

  • Thanks to all who supported this booster and made it one of the most successful in years!  Congrats to all the winners!


Nov 30, 2002

  • Great news!  Puppies due beginning of February!  Diezel and Brie are the expected parents.  Visit our Upcoming Breedings page for more information.  Diezel also picks up 3 Best of Breeds, and a large Group 2 win under Judge Archie Wharnock.


Oct 29, 2002

  • Diezel goes Best of Breed at the Peace Arch Working and Herding Specialty (2nd year in a row), Best of Breed at the Rottweiler Fanciers of BC Supported Entry, along with another Best of Breed at the LMDF show, held at the Tradex in Abbotsford (this is Canada's largest dog show).  I also forgot to post, Diezel goes Best of Breed at the Booster in Washington at the Gig Harbour Kennel Club Dog Show at the end of September under Judge Edd Bivin (and a solid Group 5th <g>), and took Best of Breed at the Supported Entry at the Vi-Mor Meadows Show.  Diezel is currently ranked as the #1 Rottweiler in Canada (CKC points system).


Oct 19, 2002

  • Brie got her TT today, and got her UCI Int. championship on Sept. 28-29th.  Diezel becomes one of the first Rottweilers inducted into the Rottweiler Club of Canada's Hall of Fame.


Sept 15, 2002

  • Many thanks to the following judges for Diezel's most recent group placements;  Mr Jim Reynolds, Mrs Honey Glendenning, Mr Charlie Francis, Mrs Sharon Francis, Mr Merlin Vanderkinder, and Ms Leslie Belfit.


Aug 26, 2002

  • We've added some more pics to Diezel's page (many thanks to Leslie Williams for trying out her new digital camera.  Visit Leslie and her beautiful dogs here).  Brie goes BOB at the Pacific Kennel Club Show.  Diezel makes the cut for breed at the ARC Region 1 Specialty, and makes me very proud.


Aug 17, 2002


Aug 11, 2002

  • We're taking another month off from shows, so we are now able to do a little more work on this site.  Check out some of the following changes;

  • Our On-line Puppy Questionnaire is finally up and running (there are still a few bugs to work out)

  • Check out our UPDATED Upcoming Breeding Page

  • We've added some more information to our BARF Page

  • We've added some more rescues to the Rescue Page

  • And we've added some more dogs to the Dogs Needing Homes Page

July 28, 2002

  • Diezel gets 2 more group placements;  Group 3, Mrs. Virginia Hampton (USA), and Group 4, Mr. Joe Brant.


July 23, 2002


July 8, 2002

  • After taking over a month off from shows, Diezel goes BOB all weekend (including the RCC Booster), and gets a Group 2 under well respected Judge Edd Bivin (USA), and earns some incredible compliments from the long time judge!  Brie also goes WB and is a step closer to her Canadian Championship.  Many thanks to Cynthia Lerfold-Seeling for her help with Brie.


June 15, 2002

  • We've added another dog, "One-Eyed" Jack to the Dog's Needing Home Page.  Please take a moment to read his story.  

  • We've also added another dog, from the Fraser Valley Humane Society, now with their own fund-raising store, located at 33103 North Railway Avenue, Mission, B.C.

  • Phone: (604) 820-2977 - Fax:  (605) 820-2905.   Visit their site at

  • Stay tuned for future events, fund raisers, and public meetings with the FraserValley Humane Society....and for their new website! 


June 11, 2002

  • We've added some puppies to the Dog's Needing Home Page!  Please check them out.  Due to popular demand (and to save me time from answering emails), we've added some more in-depth information to the BARF Page.  


May 31, 2002

  • Some new information on our Upcoming Breeding.

  • Diezel gets a few more group placements;  Grp 2 - Leslie Belfit, Grp 4 - Heather Logan, Grp 3 - Don Emslie, Grp 4 - Sheryl Ligomes.


May 13, 2002

  • Diezel goes V-2 at the West Coast Landesgruppe 2nd Annual Sieger Show!   Brie goes V-2, also, under Breeder Judge Maureen Wilkinson (USA) from the 18-24 class.

  • Pending all health clearances, Brie will be bred later this year.  Contact us for more details.


May 7, 2002

  • Apr 12-14 - Renaissance KC - 2 BOBs, 1 Grp 4 (Mrs Lynn Lee - Australia, Dr. Robert D. Smith - USA)

  • May 4-5 - Lakes District KC - 4 BOBs, 1 BEST IN SHOW!  (Thank you Mr. Lopaschuk!), 2 Grp 1s, 2 Grp 2s (Thora Brown, Terry Carter, Leslie Belfit, Richard Lopaschuk)


April 30, 2002

  • Diezel finishes 2001 as the #1 Breed, #2 All Breed Rottweiler in Canada!  Completely Owner-handled!  The top Owner Handled Rottweiler In Canada - at all local shows!

  • Bailey finds a new home!


March 25, 2002

  • Some recent CKC show results;

    • Jan 25-27 - Ladies Kennel Club - 3 BOBs (Phyllis Wolfish, Don Emslie, Maxine Beam - USA)

    • Feb 15-17 - Renaissance KC - 3 BOBs, 1 Grp 3 (Martin Doherty, Max Madger, Lorenzo Roca-Ferrer - Brazil)

    • Mar 1-3 - LMDF - 3 BOBs, 1 Grp 3 - (Cheryl Meyers-Egerton, Bud Haverstock, John Kearley)


February 20, 2002

  • We've added another dog to the Dogs Needing Homes Page, and taken one off - Brody has found a new home in New Hampshire!  



Special thoughts go out to Gwen, on the loss of her beloved Dancer...


"And now, I'm glad I didn't know
the way it all would end
the way it all would go.
Our lives, better left to chance
I could have missed the pain
But I'd had to miss the Dance"

......Garth Brooks, The Dance

Rest in Peace, Brave Heart

Cdn/UCI Int Ch. Inharmony's Dancin Up A Storm CD, WPD, WTD, CGC
Jan 11, 1996 - Feb 19, 2002


Jan 22, 2002


Jan 1st, 2002


Happy New Year from all of us here at Trojan Rottweilers!  We hope the year 2002 brings you everything you wish and dream for.


The year 2001 was very good for us.  It brought us our first owner-handled Best In Show, with our young male, Diezel, along with earning his American championship, also owner handled.  Diezel will rank for the year 2001 in the Top 5 Rottweilers in Canada.  It also brought us a great, new up-and-comer, Roborotts Vulnerable To None aka "Vinnie", shown only a few times, but still awarded VVN-1 at the West Coast Landesgruppe Sieger Show under Judge Joe Hedl in the 4-6 month class, and Best Puppy in both the Peace Arch Working and Herding Specialty and the Rottweiler Fanciers of BC Booster, and also a few RWDs.  And our young girl, Brie - Trojan's Brina vom Solanese HIC, picked up some points towards her Canadian championship, and earned her Herding Instinct Certificate.  She also went SG-1 at the West Coast Landesgruppe Sieger show in the 12-18 month class.


It was a great year to meet new friends, both on the inside and the outside of the ring.  Friendships have been formed that I am sure will last a lifetime.  There are certain people I wish to thank for all their support, input, advice, help, those "special" coffees on early show days and the Iron Chef parties.  A big thanks to;  Joy (for the on-going support and extremely helpful input...and I'm sorry I introduced you to Tim Horton's coffee <g>), Vaughn (Diezel's best buddy and wrestling partner), Pat (big thanks from Brie and even bigger to Thurston, from Diezel), Dawne (where to start? .....where else would I eat reindeer for dinner?), Joan (my "junior"), Jill (the keeper of the No-BOB section), Amy (my bleacher co-hort - and no, we didn't break the pointer clock), Tony (yes Tony, we know you don't like conformation), Larry (for keeping me entertained on more than one occasion), Cynthia and Kerry (for their help and input), Suzanne and Donna (for being great people and always having an open ear),  and Al and Anne (who helped out on many occasions, and came down to the shows, just to watch and cheer us on).  And in the US, I want to thank Dawn (hey, what is one more dog at your house, right?), Hilary (for having us down at your home and for all the great emails), Carol (for all the info and advice), and Tina and Rod (for all their support and having us in your home).  I'm sure I have forgotten please forgive me.  And lastly, thanks to the judges who made showing a wonderful experience. 


Wishing you all the best for the New Year!


See you at the shows!









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