trō'jən - "...Of courageous determination or energy.  One who shows the pluck, endurance,

     determined energy, or the like, attributed to the defenders of Troy."

Rottweiler Breeder, German Rottweilers, German rottweiler puppies, Rottweiler Stud dog, Rotti puppies, British Columbia, Rotties, Rotts, 

V-1 '05 WCL Youth Sieger, Multi VP-1, BPIS, Multi BPIG (7x), '04 WCL BMP,

'04 USRC NWR BMP, Reserve BBBE In Show, Cdn/UCI Int. Ch. Trojans Bada Bing Bada Boom HIC, TT - - Multi Group Placer - AKC pointed, CRRC Honour Roll


OFA Hips Good (RO-66738G24M-PI), OVC Hips and Elbows Normal (0032580), OFA Elbows Grade II, OFA Cardiac Clear (RO-CA2253/22M/C-PI),

CERF '04, '06 (RO-4952), CHIC #: 35821, CHIC DNA#: RO-DNA-60












Tony at 20 months.



(don't you love the tongue?)






Tony at 15 months







Tony at almost 12 months


Tony winning Best In Sweepstakes, at the Mt. Cheam All Breed show - 8 months old.


Tony winning Best Puppy In Show, at 1 day shy of 9 months old


Tony winning his first Group placement (his 2nd one was the very next day, and another BPIG - see right), and another Best Puppy In Group on his 9 month birthday


Tony goes WD/BOW to finish his Championship, and another Best Puppy In Group

~ 8 months old ~




Ivy and Tony, both going VP-1 and Best Male and Female Puppy at the '04 WCL Sieger Show



Tony herding at 4 1/2 months old at the Collie Club of BC's HIC....(don't you love the ears?)



Tony in the ring at 6 months of age.


Tony winning the Glacier View Kennel Club All Breed Sweepstakes - 6 months old.


Tony is pictured above going VP-1 and Best Male Puppy at the '04 USRC NW Regional

from the 4 - 6 month class, under Dr. Carla Lensi.



Show Stuff:


  • 8x 1st place 6-9 months All Breed Sweeps

  • 7x Best Puppy In Group 

  • 3x Best Puppy In All Breed Sweeps (plus several Runner-Ups)

  • 1 Best Puppy In Show

  • Multi BOB/Group placer as a puppy

  • Best Puppy - Peach Arch Working and Herding Specialty

  • Best Puppy in RCC BC Booster - 2x


  • 1st place ARC Region 1 Specialty Sweepstakes 6-9 months 

  • 2nd place - ARC Region 1 Specialty 6-9 months 

  • Olympic Kennel Club 1st place 6-9 months

  • Olympic Kennel Club 1st place 6-9 months

  • BOB/Group 1 AKC Sanctioned Match

  • Whidbey Island Kennel Club - 1st place - 9-12 months

  • Seattle Kennel Club - 1st place - 12-18 months

  • Seattle Kennel Club - WD/BOW and Best of Breed

Sieger Shows:

  • VP-1 and Best Male Puppy '04 USRC NW Regional - 4-6 months

  • VP-1 and Best Male Puppy '04 WCL Sieger Show - 6-9 months

  • V-1 and Youth Sieger '05 WCL Sieger Show - 18-24 months


At 13 weeks old, helping his dad landscape


Tony at 7 weeks.



7 1/2 weeks



Me (on the right) with my sister, Ivy.


At 4 weeks



At 2 weeks














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