trō'jən - "...Of courageous determination or energy.  One who shows the pluck, endurance,

     determined energy, or the like, attributed to the defenders of Troy."

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English  German Pronounced
Heel Fuss Foose
Down Platz Plotz
Sit Sitz Sits
Come/Here Heir Here
Come Komm Come
Stay Bleib Blibe
Stand Steh Stay
Good Dog So is brav So if braff
No Pfui Foowe
No Nein Nine
Go Ahead Voran Vorahn
Search  Revier Revier
Track Such Zook
Jump  Hopp Hup
Retrieve Bring Bringggg
Watch out Pass Aug Poss Awf
Attack Fass  Foss
Out/Let go Aus Ouss






AD: Has passed the Endurance Test. 


ADRK: Allgemeiner Deutscber Rottweiler Klub, the parent club for the breed in Germany.

BIS: Was awarded Best in Show at a licensed all breed conformation show.

BISS: Was awarded BEST ROTTWEILER at a licensed Specialty Show.

BST: Breed Suitability Test similar to the ZTPR given in Germany 

CH: Has completed the requirements to be entitled an Canadian Kennel Club Champion of Record. When championship title was earned in a foreign country, must be preceded with country of origin of award, i.e., Mex Ch., Am. Ch., etc.

C.D.: Has completed the requirements for the Companion Dog obedience degree by receiving a qualifying score three separate times in NOVICE Obedience Class. 

C.D.X.: Has completed the requirements for Companion Dog Excellent obedience degree by receiving qualifying scores in the OPEN Obedience Class.

Gekort: Suitable for breeding for a period of 2 years; subject to reevaluation. Obtained at three years of age. Gekort Is rated suitable for breeding for the duration of bis EzA: Breeding Utilization Age: nine years in males, eight in females. Obtained at five years of age.

H.D.-: (H.D. frei) No indication of Hip Dysplasia.

H.D.+-: (H.D. good) Transition stage.

H.D.+: (H.D. fair) Mild indication of Hip Dysplasia. 

H.D.++: X-Rays show positive Hip Dysplasia. BREEDING IS PROHIBITED!!

H.D.+++: Severely dysplastic. BREEDING IS PROHIBITED!!

I.P.O.: Internationale Prufungsordnung. International Working Order International Trials incorporating tracking, obedience, and protection. Similar to Schutzhund with slight variations. Three levels:

I.P.O. 1: (minimum age 14 months)
I.P.O. 2: (16 months)
I.P.O. 3: (20 months)

Korung: Has met strict requirements in all areas; breed suitability, conformation, working, protection, is free from Hip Dysplasia. Dog or Bitch is suitable for breeding (Gekort) for a period of two years; after
that time dog and progeny are re-evaluated.

LS: Leistungszucht. Parents and grandparents have SchH degrees and Korung.

Pink Papers: Uninterrupted Schutzhund lineage.

Sch.H: Schutzhund. The working degree requiring extensive abilities in the areas of tracking, obedience, and protection. There are three levels of Schutzhund -

SchH I: Beginning Schutzhund (minimum age 14 months);
SchH II: Intermediate Schutzhund (16 months); and
SchH III: Advanced Schutzhund (18 months). After attaining the degree at any level, The dog must wait six months before being eligible for competition at the next higher level. Upon reaching SchH III, the dog is eligible for competition anytime.

Sieger: Male champion at a particular show (i.e., 1989 Klubsieger, winner of the 1989 A.D.R.K. Specialty Show).

Siegerin: Female champion at a particular show.

T.D.: Has passed an C.K.C. licensed Tracking Test. May be combined with the Utility Degree: U.D.T.

T.D.X. passed the C.K.C. licensed Tracking Dog Execellent Test. May be combined with Utility Degree: U.D.T.X.

U.D.: Has attained the Utility Dog degree by receiving three qualifying scores in UTILITY class.

WH.: Wachhund (Guard Dog). Obedience/Guard test. No bite work is involved in this training. 

Z.T.P.R.: Has passed the Breed Suitability test in Germany.








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