trō'jən - "...Of courageous determination or energy.  One who shows the pluck, endurance,

     determined energy, or the like, attributed to the defenders of Troy."



VV-1, BPIG, Cdn. Ch. Trojan's Cast A Giant Shadow HIC


 "There've been a lot of stories about how I got to be called Duke. One was that I played the part of a duke in a school play--which I never did. Sometimes, they even said I was descended from royalty! It was all a lot of rubbish. Hell, the truth is that I was named after a dog!" - John Wayne



Beloved artist Pidney Davidson has just released his newest print, called "Playtime", who just happens to be of one of the boy's we bred, Duke (VV-1, BPIG Cdn. Ch. Trojan's Cast A Giant Shadow HIC), drawn from an original photograph by Martin Hershberg.  More information on prints, and clothing can be found here.



And below, the original picture.  

    Duke is named after John Wayne, and a 1966 John Wayne movie "Cast A Giant Shadow", also starring Kirk Douglas, and Yul Brynner.

7 1/2 weeks



Duke hiking up Mt. Pilcuck





New Champion - 20 months.



Duke's critique from the 2005 RCC Alberta Sieger Show, under ADRK Judge and Kormeister Gerhard Apel, where he went VV-1.


"5.5 months old, medium size, very well built, very good bone, very nice type in head, correct ears, dark eyes, correct forearms, very good chest width and depth, very good topline, slightly sloping croup, correct angulation of hind quarters, correct hind legs, very good coat, very good markings, very nice movement".



Duke at 2 years old.







Duke's first weekend in the ring at 6 months of age,

and he picks up 4 CKC points, and a Best Puppy in Group!









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