trō'jən - "...Of courageous determination or energy.  One who shows the pluck, endurance,

     determined energy, or the like, attributed to the defenders of Troy."

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Multi BIS, Multi V-1, '00 ARV CNYS, Multi AOM, Multi BVIS, BPIG, Am/Can/UCI Int/UKC BIS Ch Roborotts Traders Edge HIC, TT, CGC, CGN - RCC Hall Of Fame, CRRC Hall of Fame - #1 Rottweiler 2001, 2002 and 2003 (Breed And/Or All Breed points)

- MRC Honor Roll Eligible - 


OFA Hips Good (RO-61626G32M-PI), OVC Elbows Clear (OVC 009925), OFA Cardiac (RO-CA728/19M/P-T),

OFA Thyroid (RO-TH78/19M-T), Eyes Clear '00, DNA Profile:  V66340, CHIC DNA#:  RO-DNA-58

November 2nd, 1998 - February 20th, 2010


Do not stand at my grave and weep;
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn's rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there, I did not die.


(l to r:  Mr. James Reynolds, Mr. Walter Pinsker, Mrs. Anne Rogers Clark)


Diezel is pictured above winning the Working Group all 3 days - as a Veteran!


Diezel at almost 9 years old, relaxing on the bed.



Diezel at 8 1/2 years of age, going V-1 and onto Best Veteran in Show at the

2007 Columbia River Rottweiler Club's Sieger Show.


Diezel at 7 1/2 years old.


Diezel came to us at 8 weeks of age.  I knew that when I opened up his crate at the airport and he came flying out of there, with the "I'm here and ready for anything!!" attitude, he was the dog for me.

Diezel comes from Roborott Perm. Reg'd Rottweilers located in Welland, Ontario.  I give them a huge thanks for sending and entrusting me with this special dog.

Diezel is from Multi V-1 (including V-1 at KS '98) Ger VDH Ch. Amboss vom Teufelsteich Sch III AD BH Ztp x V-3 Can. Ch. Lilo vom Kummelsee


Diezel modeling a jacket for RC Pets at 7 years old.

As a veteran, Diezel has decided to start a new career as an actor and model!!

Look for Diezel in the Fox Police Series, Killer Instinct, and in an upcoming Nissan Commercial, and modeling for the 2006 RC Pets Catalogue.



Dog Base Numbers:


Dog Base Pedigree: 

Sieger Shows

  • VVN-1 - 6-9 Month Class - 1999 ARV Canadian National Sieger Show

                Judge:  Erich Konisberger, FCI, Austria

  • V-1 and Youth Sieger - 18-24 Month Class - 2000 ARV Canadian National Sieger Show

                Judge:  Bianca "Marina" Miksic-Kasun, FCI, Hauptzuchtwart, Croatia

  • V-3 - Champion Class - 2001 West Coast Landesgruppe Sieger Show

                Judge:  Joe Hedl, Chicago, Illinois

"Large, powerful dog.  Well built with good bone and substance.  Good in breed type.  Good self confidence, energetic and friendly.  Has a very good, strong, pronounced male head.  With well carried, medium size ears.  A very good stop.  Dark brown eyes.  A good thick muzzle.  With excellent pigment.  The lips could be a little tighter.  Straight front with very good tight feet.  Excellent chest proportions.  Has very good front and rear angulation.  Has beautiful throat, top and bottom lines with a very good croup.  Muscles thick and powerful.  Coat is excellent.  Markings overall are good except on the chest and muzzle area where they could be clearer and richer in colour.  Powerful fluid movement.  Good reach and drive.  Scissor bite."

  • V-2 - Champion Class (out of 12) - 2002 West Coast Landesgruppe Sieger Show

                Judge:  Maureen Wilkinson, California, USA

"Large strong male of very good type. Calm, friendly and attentive. Strong male head with very good expression. Correctly carried ears. Correct dark eyes. Strong neck with very good shoulders. Strong straight back with correct rear angulation. Very good underline. Correct straight front. Good feet. Correct mouth pigmentation. Flews should be somewhat tighter. Very good coat. Mahogany markings should be slightly richer in colour. Strong free floating movement. Correct dentition. Scissor bite."

  • V-1 - Veteran Male Class - 2006 CRRC Sieger Show - Joe Hedl

  • Best Veteran in Show


  • V-1 - Veteran Male Class - 2006 WCL Sieger Show - Joeri Goedertier

  • Best Veteran in Show

  • Stud Dog Class Winner


  • V-1 - Veteran Male Class - 2007 Port City Rottweiler Club Sieger Show - Brian Beard


  • V-1 - Veteran Male Class - 2007 CRRC Sieger Show - Bill Alexander

  • Best Veteran in Show

"8 1/2 year old male, large and tall with excellent bone strength, overall presents a nice picture, strong powerful topskull, ears and small to medium set and length, dark eye, dark and mouth, flews are slightly open, muzzle could be a little fuller, excellent neck, well muscled, well developed forechest, chest wide and deep, forlegs strong, pasterns strong, tight feet, strong top and bottom line, strong topline, excellent shoulder placement, good strong rear, strong hocks, markings a little sooty, back legs strong and straight, good croup and tailset, scissors bite.  Clean coming and coming, ground covering side gait."



26 months


  • 2006 - #6 Rottweiler - only missing the #5 spot by 2 points, and only shown a few times, and as a Veteran

  • 2003 - #1 Rottweiler (CKC) - #1 All Breed, #2 Breed

  • 2002 - #1 Rottweiler (CKC) (Breed and All Breed)

  • 2001 - #2 All Breed, #1 Breed

  • 2000 - #9 All Breed, #2 Breed

  • 1999 - #1 Rottweiler Puppy

  • Canadian Champion at 10 months old (1999) with a group placement over specials

  • Multi Best of Breed as a Puppy/Multi Best Puppy in Breed, including Best Puppy in RFBC Booster

  • Multi Best of Breed in Supported Entries/Boosters, in both Canada and the US

  • Puppy Group Winner

  • 175+ Best of Breeds

  • 90+ Group placements

  • Multi Best In Show winner

  • Multi Award of Merit Recipient

  • Multi Best Veteran In Show

  • Multi Group Winner as a Veteran

  • Multi V-1 rated

  • Best Of Breed - Peace Arch Working and Herding Specialty 2001

  • Best Of Breed - Peace Arch Working and Herding Specialty 2002

  • Best of Breed (and Group 2 - from the Veteran Class!!) - Sagebrush Working and Herding Specialty 2006

  • One of the first dogs/the first male inducted into the Rottweiler Club of Canada's Hall of Fame



Diezel is a Best of Breed winner in the US, from the classes, over specials.  Diezel obtained his American Championship in 7 weekends of showing, taking points every weekend except one, completely owner-handled.

  • 4 point major BOW/WD - Mrs Marion Ward-Fanning - Washington Cluster - Jan '01

  • RWD to 4 point major - Dr Ronald Spritzer - Washington Cluster - Jan '01

  • 2 points WD - Mrs Janet Sinclair - Seattle Kennel Club - Feb '01

  • RWD to 2 points - Mrs Alice Downey - Peninsula Dog Fanciers Assoc. - Mar '01

  • 1 point WD - Ms Sylvia Hammarstrom - Peninsula Dog Fanciers Assoc. - Mar '01

  • 2 points BOW/WD - Mrs Lowell K (Arlene) Davis - Olympia Dog Fanciers - May '01

  • 1 point BOW/WD - Mr Warren D Hudson - Mt. Baker Kennel Club - May '01

  • 2 points BOB/BOW/WD (over specials) - Miss Kimberly A. Meredith - Mt. Baker Kennel Club - May '01

  • 3 point major BOW/WD - Mr James White - Portland Kennel Club - July '01 - New Champion!

Diezel goes Best of Breed (and makes the cut in group) at the Gig Harbour Kennel Club Rottweiler Booster! (September '02) 




  • 3 V-1 ratings in one weekend and Best of Breed, over specials, all 3 days at 20 months old



  • Diezel finishes his UKC Championship, undefeated at the Breed level, with 2 Group 1s, and a BEST IN SHOW!!


Diezel (at 32 months) is pictured above with Judge James White going BOW/WD for a

3 point major to finish his American Championship in Brush Prairie, Washington.




Pictured above taking his first BEST IN SHOW

under Judge Walter Pinsker in September, 2001.





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