trō'jən - "...Of courageous determination or energy.  One who shows the pluck, endurance,

     determined energy, or the like, attributed to the defenders of Troy."

Rottweiler Breeder, German Rottweilers, German rottweiler puppies, Rottweiler Stud dog, Rotti puppies, British Columbia, Rotties, Rotts, 


V rated, Cdn. Ch. Trojan's Beyond Beautiful CD, TT, CKC/CARO RN, CGN

 - 2/3rds CARO RA - Multi High In Trial


OFA Hips Good (RO-67125G28F-PI), OVC Elbows Clear (# 32588),

OFA Cardiac Clear (RO-CA2448/28F/P-PI ), CERF '05 (RO-5514), CHIC #:34897


Arwen camping




A painting of Nahla (RB) and Arwen.














New Canadian Champion (and the same day, new CD!!)



Arwen beside a picture of her best friend, Nahla (RB).



Kristi and Arwen doing Rally.






At 8 weeks


Arwen and Kristi at their first correction and sanction match



Arwen at 10 months old


Arwen and Nahla, who unfortunately passed away recently.


Arwen, Kristi and Nahla









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